Accepted Papers

  1. How full will my next bus be? A Framework to Predict Bus Crowding Levels [PDF]
    Tahereh Arabghalizi(University of Pittsburgh), Alexandros Labrinidis(University of Pittsburgh)

  2. Modelling Business Rates in England with Big Spatial Data [PDF]
    Shanaka Perera(Warwick Institute for the Science of Cities, University of Warwick), Theo Damoulas(Department of Computer Science and Statistics, University of Warwick), Paul Davis(Nimbus Property System Limited), Stephen Jarvis(The University of Warwick)

  3. Data mining and compression: where to apply it and what are the effects? [PDF]
    Phillip Taylor(The University of Warwick), Nathan Griffiths(The University of Warwick), Xu Zhou(Jaguar Land Rover), Alexandros Mouzakitis(Jaguar Land Rover)

  4. What's your MoCho? Real-time Mode Choice Prediction Using Discrete Choice Models and a HCI Platform [PDF]
    Ariel Noyman(MIT), Ronan Doorley(MIT), Yasushi Sakai(MIT), Kent Larson(MIT)

  5. UrbanRhythm: Revealing Daily Urban Dynamics Hidden in Mobility Data [PDF]
    Sirui Song(Tsinghua University), Tong Xia(Tsinghua University), Jie Feng(Tsinghua University), Pan Hui(HKUST & University of Helsinki), Yong Li(Tsinghua University)

  6. Nostalgin: Extracting 3D City Models from Historical Image Data [PDF]
    Amol Kapoor(Columbia University), Hunter Larco(Google), Raimondas Kiveris(Google)

  7. From Data Science to Blockchain - Analytics in Cross-Border Logistics [PDF]
    Zhuojie Huang(Pitney Bowes)

  8. Traffic Control Elements Inference using Telemetry Data andConvolutional Neural Networks [PDF]
    Deeksha Goyal(Stanford University), Albert Yuen(Lyft), Han Suk Kim(Lyft), James Murphy(Lyft)

  9. Mapping Road Safety Features from Streetview Imagery: A DeepLearning Approach [PDF]
    Arpan Man Sainju(University of Alabama), Zhe Jiang(University of Alabama)